Faïence de Quimper
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The Faïencerie d'Art Breton
Founded by the eminent Quimper families from the world of Quimper pottery, the Faïencerie d’Art Breton moved to the outskirts of Quimper in 2002, to a large workshop where the daylight and the concentrated movements of the painters merge gracefully, guaranteeing the authentic “hand-painted” that is the reputation of this pottery from the Faïencerie d’Art Breton.

A certified art workshop in France, the Faïencerie d’Art Breton perpetuates an age-old knowledge that was born on the banks of the Odet River, in Locmaria. Guardian of this tradition, the faïencerie conveys it using the particularly stringent standards of quality demanded for the production of each piece and each pattern, resulting in a unique creation that the painter numbers and signs with his name.

Focus, quality, and respect for the process are the values that the directors of the faïencerie uphold every day, for each of their clients.

Anchored in this artisan tradition, the Faïencerie d’Art Breton is also modern in its creations, associating its name with a number of contemporary artists, who, by way of their ceramic work or their new forms, bring new life to pottery.

The business sells its wares exclusively by way of its network of chosen retailers, whose names are found on this site.

The Faïencerie d’Art Breton is also committed to maintaining its traditional methods and its ongoing development by participating in a number of professional networks, such as the Ateliers d’Art de France, thereby safeguarding this aspect of the Breton cultural heritage.

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