Faïence de Quimper
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For more than three centuries,
Quimper pottery done honor
to French craftsmanship with its
entirely hand-painted décors.
The pottery encompasses both
decorative pieces and table arts.
By investing itself in the creativity
of many artists, it has raised
the level of savoir-faire from
crafts to art.

An unquestionable reference in Quimper
pottery, the Faïencerie d’Art Breton knows
how to uphold tradition while creating new decors in noteworthy forms and colors. In its Quimper workshop, the painters use their talent to update these decors on the celebrated bisque. film

In addition, the Faïencerie d’Art Breton has been awarded an important endorsement in the world of artisan-made decorative wares by its recognition as an Atelier d’Art de France

On these pages, discover its know-how, the abundance of its collections, the scope of its creations. See the retailers’ page for purchase information.

» The Faïencerie d’Art Breton receives the designation Entreprise du patrimoine vivant (a business that fosters an ongoing tradition).

» La Faïencerie d’Art Breton issues an updated Botanique series.

» A new collection called Asterhas just been added to the extensive offerings of the Faïencerie d’Art Breton.

» The designs of Ar Roué round out the collection of artists  works of the Faïencerie d’Art Breton.

» Une Œuvre de Faïence” : the jury prize is awarded to Daphné Pauwels.

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